Bobcat #19-2408 update

After the Black Bear cubs recently moved from the Large Mammal Isolation enclosure to the Black Bear Complex, the rehabilitation staff decided to weigh Bobcat #19-2408 on September 6 to see if she was large enough to move to the Large Mammal enclosure. The bobcat weighed 1.89 kg – which was less than the rehabilitation staff was expecting. The Bobcat has been eating well, so the rehabilitation staff increased the kitten’s food, and also collected a fecal sample. The technician team found that the young Bobcat has several types of parasites – which could account for the slower weight gain.

The Bobcat started a 10-day course of an oral anti-parasitic, which will be placed in her food. The rehabilitation staff will attempt to weigh the Bobcat again in two weeks after treatment has ended.