Black Bears cubs of 2023 update

It has been one month since the five Black Bear cubs of 2023 moved into the bear complex. Staff have been closely monitoring the cubs on cam and note that they are settling in well. Each cub has been observed exploring the yard, interacting with the hammock, and climbing the trees. Staff and Critter Cam viewers have been cataloging the bears' activity by taking screenshots and posting them on the Center's moderated discussion.

All five bears sharing a morning meal


Double orange chowing down on some fruit


Double orange climbing a small tree limb


Double green enjoying some mixed nuts


Bear cubs playing on the tire bridge at night


The wildlife rehabilitation team is currently dropping food from the bear tower once in the morning and once in the evening; the cubs are generally more active around these times. Tune in on Critter Cam #2 or Critter Cam#3 for the chance to see them!