Black Bears cubs of 2018 update

The 11 Black Bear cubs are doing well in the Center’s Large Mammal Isolation enclosure. The bears were fully weaned from their “mush bowls” this week, and are now eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, seeds, insects, and greens. Wildlife rehabilitator Brie said that none of the bears seemed to miss their mush bowls in the past two days, and the cubs are eating a lot more “adult foods” now, which means the Wildlife Center kitchen is going through a good bit of produce!

The weekly Thursday blood draws for Dr. Peach’s study are going well; the added benefit to this is that Dr. Peach gets to successfully weigh and examine each cub every week. All of the cubs are gaining weight – nearly all are more than 10 kg, with three cubs [Green, Orange, and Yellow] weighing in at more than 15 kg! The smallest bear, Double Pink, weighs 6.64 kg. All signs of ringworm are gone, and the bears are in good condition.