Black Bears of 2020: Releases Scheduled!

Bear releases start next week!

On April 13, several biologists with the Department of Wildlife Resources will come to the Center to pick up six Black Bear yearlings. The bears will be released in groups of twos or threes in several different locations. The following day, on April 14, a DWR biologist will return for two more bears. 

On release days, the bears will all be darted, sedated, examined, ear-tagged (all with green ear tags, one in each ear), weighed, and loaded into a transport trap. The rehabilitation staff plan to attend a couple of the releases next week. 

The remainder of the bears in the Black Bear Complex will be released  later in April. 

Unfortunately, both Bear Critter Cams stopped working suddenly on Monday afternoon; an inspection of the Critter Cam equipment revealed some mouse-chewed wires that affect the transmission of the cameras. The staff are working on replacing these wires, though we may not be able to have them fixed prior to April 13.  We hope that the wires will be repaired in time to see the remaining 13 Black Bear yearlings in their final week at the Center.