Black Bears of 2016 update

The final four bears of 2016 -- White Tag, Red Tag, Green Tag, and Orange Tag -- have been doing well in the Bear Complex. The staff rehabilitators note that they are seeing hair growth on all four bears.

In the meantime, the bears are testing two products for Virginia Correctional Enterprises, an agency of the Virginia Department of Corrections. The company provides employment training programs for offenders inside of Virginia Correctional Facilities. The two bear-resistant products, a trash can and a storage locker, have been manufactured from 14 gauge steel with welded seams and piano hinges.

On May 19, wildlife rehabilitator Brie placed peach cobbler donuts, berry cheese danish, and iced cinnamon danish inside the trashcan and storage locker, along with some wet cat food. The four bears were shifted into yard #2 with the two products; Green Tag was the first to check them out, but after he was unsuccessful getting into the products, he left the area.