Black Bears of 2016 update

On Tuesday, Dr. Ernesto was able to dart Double Pink Tag [#16-1713] and Yellow Tag [#16-1133] in the transition area of yard #1. Once both bears were sleepy, the gate to the yard was opened up so that the two remaining bears, Red Tag and Green Tag, would go into the yard so that the veterinary team could safely access the two darted bears.

Dr. Ernesto said that Double Pink Tag was in good condition; she weighed in at 37.8 kg. Yellow Tag also appeared healthy and in good condition, weighing in at 37.8 kg. Yellow Tag's bloodwork revealed that she has heartworm, a parasitic roundworm spread by the bites of mosquitoes. Each bear that has been darted within the past two weeks has received an antiparasitic medication; the medication will treat the heartworm.

These two bears, along with Pink/Green Tags, will be released on Thursday, April 20.