Black Bear yearling #19-0057 update

On Friday, February 8, Dr. Karra anesthetized Black Bear yearling #19-0057 for a follow-up examination. Dr. Karra gave a full report of the exam:

“The bear weighed 8.6 kg today (an increase of 2.2 kg since admission). She is still thin, but in better body condition than on admission. Her physical exam was within normal limits, with the exception of a small old healing abrasion on one of her paw pads. A skin scraping was performed, which revealed one dead ursacroptes mite. No sarcoptes mites were identified.

“The bear was ear tagged during this procedure with a green tag in each ear (which is the same as a bear in yard #3 with the 11 bears, but if/when this bear moves to Complex she will be housed with the four yearlings in yard #1, thus there will be no overlap). She was re-treated with ivermectin to ensure we have fully resolved the mange infection prior to her being introduced to other bears. She recovered uneventfully from anesthesia.

“The plan for this patient is to continue to monitor her in Large Mammal Isolation until she is large enough to be considered a candidate to move to bear yards (>10 kg).”