Black Bear yearling #18-1120 update

Black Bear yearling #18-1120 has been a challenging patient for the veterinary team during the past two weeks. Even though the bear is small and underweight, the age of the bear makes it impossible to handle her for treatments while she’s awake. The team is carefully monitoring the bear’s wounds and have used several different types of bandages to keep the wounds clean and covered without having to change bandages every day. The bear has been eating but is quiet and sedate.

On June 10, the bear was sedated for an additional hands-on examination. Radiographs revealed a worsening condition; the bear had signs of fluid throughout her chest and abdominal cavity. The bear also had additional wounds on her body. The veterinarians aren’t sure what’s causing the worsening condition of the bear, though a parasitic infection or a tick-borne disease could be possible. The team will reassess the yearling on June 14 and will perform additional diagnostics to determine the next steps of the bear’s treatment plan.