Black Bear yearling #17-1767 update

On the morning of July 14, Wildlife Center staff transported Black Bear yearling #17-1767 to the Virginia Veterinary Surgical Associates in Richmond. In addition to placing screws in the bear’s elbow to fixate the fracture site, Dr. Padron inserted a metal plate on the bear’s ulna (the outermost of two bones in the forearm). 
The procedure was completed without complication in roughly two hours, and the bear had several radiographs taken. After reviewing the radiographs, Dr. Padron determined that reinserting longer screws into the bear’s elbow would be the most effective long-term treatment for the fracture, and took the bear into surgery for a second time. The second surgery was a success, and the bear was transported back to the Wildlife Center after ensuring an uneventful recovery from anesthesia.


Throughout the weekend, the yearling remained in the Center's indoor holding area. Veterinary staff have reported that the bear is recovering well, has a healthy appetite, and is beginning to show a bit of feistiness. On July 16, she was transitioned back to a normal diet of hard foods, allowing her daily pain medications to be administered orally.

For now, the bear will remain in the Center’s indoor holding area where veterinary staff will be able to asses her healing and recovery on a daily basis before determining the next step for this yearling.