Black Bear yearling #17-0127 update

In early March, the rehabilitation staff systematically searched the two-acre Black Bear Complex, looking for Pink/Yellow. They were able to shift the majority of the bears from yard to yard so that all dens could be safely checked. After a couple of days of searching, they checked yard #3, where recently released Black Bear #17-1817 was housed ... and rehabilitation intern Shannon was happy to report that Pink/Yellow was found in the yard!

The team set a large live trap for the bear, in hopes of catching him and moving him to a more secure location in the Bear Pens. The little bear has not fallen for the bait yet, but continues to move from yard to yard, likely slipping under the hotwire. The staff are providing food for him in yard #3 (where no bears are housed) so that he gets his fair share of food; the bear does eat in that yard but continues to make visits to yard #2.