Black Bear Release Update

Yesterday’s releases of the seven bears went well; the bears were actually split into three groups and released a few miles apart from one another. Wildlife rehabilitators Brie and Kelsey were able to attend, and got some photos and videos! DGIF outreach people were also in attendance and will be sharing photos and videos at some point.

Double Yellow and Double Green Release: 

Green, Orange, and Red Release: 

Today’s double bear release has been postponed due to uncooperative bears; the last two scheduled for release today were moved into the transition area of yard #1 last night, but Brie came in early today to find that both had managed to climb over the black protective plastic around one of the trees in the transition area. This means the bears are much too high to safely dart; despite coaxing and tempting the bears, neither wanted to come down. The rehab staff will attempt to live trap the bears this weekend and move them to the Large Mammal Isolation enclosure for a release next week.