Black Bear cubs of 2022 update

On August 9, the veterinary team was able to sedate and anesthetize Black Bear #22-1448 [Double Orange tags], who has been housed in the Center's Bear Pens this summer, so that he could be moved to the Black Bear Complex. Dr. Karra reports that the bear is in good condition, and weighed in at 17 kg.




The bear was placed in the transition area of yard #2 to recover from sedation. This area also served as a separated introduction area between Double Orange and Double Yellow (who has the run of yard #2) since it’s been several weeks since they last interacted. The following day, the rehabilitation staff opened the gate to allow Double Orange into the half-acre enclosure with Double Yellow; the staff reported that, so far, Double Orange has been evading Double Yellow. 

The other three bears [Double Blue tags -- who lost one ear tag, Double White tags, and the untagged female] will remain in the Center’s Large Mammal enclosure until the smallest female cub is large enough to move to the Bear Complex. The female cub, #22-1087, weighed 6.52 kg on July 18.