Black Bear cubs of 2022 update

After Double Blue tags escaped into the perimeter of the Black Bear Complex on July 23, the staff carefully checked the complex to determine how the cub had gotten out. The staff realized that the hotwire that runs around the interior fences of each yard was not functioning properly; Dr. Karra was able to find the issue and repair it. During the next week, the rehab staff tested the hotwire fence each day to determine if it was functioning properly – at this point, they’ve concluded that the interior hotwire is working, though the hotwire around the exterior perimeter fence is still reading low.

The staff have postponed moving more bears [Double Orange and Double Blue] up into Bear Yard #2 until an outside contractor can look at the fence and make any necessary repairs. Once the exterior hotwire is in working order again, Double Orange will be moved, and Double Blue should also be able to be returned to the complex.

Double White Tags and the small untagged female cub will likely remain in the Large Mammal enclosure for a few more weeks while they grow and gain weight.

In the meantime, Double Yellow has had bear yard #2 to himself; he appears to be relaxed and is behaving normally. Critter Cam viewers have spotted him drinking and foraging for food.