Black Bear Cubs of 2022 Update

The three Black Bear cubs currently housed in the right side of the Large Mammal enclosure have been doing well during the past week. The cubs are quite active and Critter Cam viewers have been able to watch these three cubs play and explore together. 

As of June 13, weights were: 

Black Bear cub #22-0462: 11.2 kg
Black Bear cub #22-0685: 6.0 kg
Black Bear cub #22-1087: 3.62 kg

Black Bear cub #22-1448 [Double Orange Tags] remains in the Center's bear pens, and the rehabilitation staff report that he has been calm and eating well. It's likely that he will be moved to the Black Bear Complex in early July. The staff are currently working with contractors to do some maintenance in the complex, including some plumbing repairs and rehanging the shade cloth privacy fence on the perimeter. The staff are also currently moving and assessing Critter Cams; at this point, it appears as though one of the two complex cams may be out of commission and needs to be replaced.