Black Bear cubs of 2021 update

All work has been completed at the Black Bear Complex, and one of the rehabilitation externs, Ben, is putting the finishing touches on a newly constructed tire bridge for the cubs! Ben spent this week creating a sturdy chain of tires that will be hung between two trees. 


The cameras in the Black Bear Complex are also now in place and ready for the season; one camera is on the side of Tower #1 and looks down into the full length of Yard #1, where the cubs will be moved. The second camera is on the back of Tower #1, to offer complete coverage of the entire "back yard".  Yard #1 hasn't been used since the spring of 2020, when the "cubs of 2019" were released. 


The rehabilitation staff will finish weaning Double Lavender Tags from her medications this week; this may mean that her pacing increases as the medications gradually leave her system. The staff will carefully monitor the bear's behavior when she moves to the Complex next week. 

At this point, the staff is planning to move the cubs to the Black Bear Complex on Wednesday, July 28.