Black Bear cubs of 2020 update

The Black Bear cubs are doing well and gaining weight: 

#20-0106 (female) No Tag: 2.46 kg 
#20-0107 (male) Yellow Tag: 5.05 kg
#20-0108 (female) White Tag: 3.85 kg 
#20-0109 (male) Orange Tag: 4.30 kg 

Soon, Critter Cam watchers can see the bears for themselves! After Bobcat #19-2408 was picked up for release on Wednesday, the rehabilitation staff began carefully cleaning the Large Mammal Isolation enclosure to get it ready for the four bear cubs. The current plan is to move the four cubs into the right side of the Large Mammal enclosure; the three larger cubs will have full access to that space. Cub #20-0106, who is younger and smaller than the triplet cubs, will need to remain in a Zinger crate until she grows more. Stay tuned to see them on Critter Cam #3!