Black Bear cubs of 2019 update

The two Black Bear Cub sisters [No Tag and White Tag] are currently being fed just once a day; each cub gets a mush bowl, plus a shared “juvenile” bear meal that weighs six pounds! The juvenile meal contains fruits, veggies, seeds, greens, and dog food. The rehabilitation team reports that the two sisters are doing well and remain quite wild and feisty. The cubs are still being treated with a topical antifungal spray, though this treatment is increasingly difficult.

On Tuesday afternoon, rehabilitator Kelsey noted that Orange Tag – the small male that is currently in a Zinger crate – had a laceration on his forehead. Kelsey suspects that the cub may have cut his head on the inside latch of the Zinger crate since this tiny cub often lunges and bluffs at the door at the rehabilitators during feeding time. Dr. Peach was able to anesthetize the cub and suture the wound; it appears to be healing well. As of June 6, the cub weighed 2.79 kg; he's currently being fed twice a day. Hopefully, by next week, the small male will be able to join the other two cubs in the main area of the Large Mammal enclosure.