Black Bear cubs of 2019 update

On August 28, the rehabilitation team successfully moved the 2019 Black Bear cubs to the Bear Complex! Wildlife rehabilitator Kelsey and wildlife rehab intern Kylee were unable to safely trap the cubs in a zinger crate, choosing instead to dart and anesthetize both of the bears within the Large Mammal Isolation enclosure. After Dr. Ernesto conducted a visual examination both of the cubs spent the night in a smaller transition area within the complex, giving them plenty of time to acclimate to their new environment.

The following morning, wildlife rehabilitator Shannon opened the transition area, and each of the bears immediately began to explore! Within a few minutes, White Tag headed for a tree and began to climb, but seemed to change her mind and joined No Tag on the ground instead. Before leaving, Shannon scattered a small amount of produce on the ground within the complex, encouraging the cubs to forage and move throughout the new space. Now that these bears have full access to a half-acre of trees, artificial dens, and a swimming pool, they’re certain to be busy in the coming days!  

No Tag looking into yard #1 from the transition area:


No Tag and White Tag climbing their first trees: