Black Bear cubs of 2017 update

The Black Bear cubs of 2017 are doing well; the nine cubs continue to live in the Large Mammal Isolation enclosure and receive food once a day, plus some sort of enrichment fun! They’ve been enjoying some watermelon snacks, donated by local grocery stores:

Even new bedding can be an adventure for the cubs:

On Saturday, July 8, the rehabilitation team noted that Yellow Tag had a small patch of crusty skin on his neck; on Sunday, the lesion looked a little worse, so the rehab team enclosed the cub in the connecting chute of the enclosure so that the cub could be fasted and then easily sedated on Monday. It’s likely that the bear may have sustained a small injury while rough-housing with his siblings, but the veterinary team wants to check to ensure that the cub doesn’t have ringworm or mange.

No Tag has been weaned from bottle-feedings, and all of the cubs are currently receiving a juvenile bear meal, including soaked dog chow, fruits, veggies, and insects. The staff are making a few repairs to the Bear Complex before the nine cubs are moved to their new space this summer.