Black Bear cubs of 2017 update

The nine Black Bear cubs have been doing well -- many Critter Cam viewers have enjoyed watching them eat, play, and sleep together … the cubs appear to have a lot of energy!

On June 14, the cubs will have a chance to expend more energy by testing out a bear-proof clamp for a trash can. Last year, a sixth-grade FLL Lego Robotics team in the Richmond area -- The Brickheads -- contacted VDGIF Black Bear Project Leader Jaime Sajecki, to consult on a bear-proof trash can attachment. The attachment is designed to be an easy, affordable way to make trash cans bear-proof; the sixth-grade team members who worked on the project over the fall and winter were eager to see if any of the Wildlife Center bears could test the final product.

The testing begins ...

Within five minutes, Red Tag and Yellow Tag began getting into the trash can; Yellow Tag bit off a piece of foam under one of the clamps, which allowed the clamp to loosen. Wildlife rehabilitator Brie pulled the trash can out of the enclosure.