Black Bear cubs of 2017 update

On May 3, wildlife rehabilitator Brie moved Red Tag, Green Tag, and White Tag to the Large Mammal Isolation enclosure. These three bears are the largest of the cubs, and the Center's metal cage complex, where the cubs had been housed, was getting a little full!  The three cubs began tentatively exploring, and have settled in well. They are currently eating mush bowls twice a day, in addition to other veggies, fruits, and seeds.

The other cubs -- No Tag, Orange Tag, Yellow Tag, and Pink Tag -- are still housed in zinger crates in the metal cage complex and roam and play during meals three times a day. No Tag, the youngest cub, is the only one still bottle-feeding; all the other cubs have graduated to mush bowls.

Double Green Tag -- the newest arrival -- still has been housed alone due to his mange mites. The staff hope that he'll be clear to meet the other cubs next week.

Current weights are:

Red Tag: 4.7 kg
Green Tag: 3.3 kg
White Tag: 3.8 kg
No Tag: 2.97 kg
Orange Tag: 2.93 kg
Yellow Tag: 2.69 kg
Pink Tag: 1.82 kg
Double Green Tags: 1.96 kg

Green Tag, digging for buried fruit, before he was moved: