Black Bear cubs of 2017 update

The four Black Bear cubs have been doing well at the Center; they will soon make the move to the Center's outdoor metal cage complex, where they'll remain in their zinger crates in between supervised play and feeding sessions. They'll move to the Center's Large Mammal Isolation enclosure, likely in mid-May.

Current weights are:

Cub #0352: 1.65 kg
Cub #0374: 2.52 kg
Cub #0411: 2.44 kg
Cub #0444: 2.61 kg

The cubs will each soon receive a colored identification tag in one ear.

Here are some recent photos of a bear cub play session!

Cub #0352 (first female): 

Cub #0444 (second female)

Cub #0374 (first male)

Organized chaos: 

Cub #0374 (first male)