Black Bear cub #22-1376 update

On June 30, the veterinary team sedated Black Bear cub #22-1376 for another set of radiographs to evaluate the cub’s healing leg fracture. Dr. Karra noted that the incision site was healing very well, and the bear’s range of motion was excellent. Radiographs showed a completely healed fracture, with no movement or abnormalities associated with the metal plate. Dr. Karra sent the images to Dr. Stiffler, who was also pleased with the status of the bear’s injury. While the bear was under anesthesia, the staff placed a white ear tag in each ear.



The bear will be moved into the connecting chute of the Large Mammal enclosure (measuring about 4' x 8’), as soon as the area can be cleaned and organized. The bear will be in the chute for about a week, and if all goes well, he’ll be given full access to one side of the Large Mammal enclosure with other cubs.