Black Bear cub #22-1376 update

On June 16, the veterinary team sedated Black Bear cub #22-1376 to recheck the bear’s humeral fracture.  The bear has reportedly been using his leg well in his confined space. Dr. Karra reported that, on examination, the cub's leg felt very stable and his range of motion was excellent. Dr. Karra cleaned the incision site well and applied a liquid bandage spray to offer some additional protection.

She sent radiographs to Dr. Stiffler, the surgeon who performed the fracture repair. Dr. Stiffler was very happy with the images – he noted that there were signs of healing, the hardware in the bear’s leg was unchanged, and the growing bones of the bear’s leg looked normal. The bear will continue to be cage-rested in a Zinger crate for the next two weeks, and additional radiographs will be taken at the end of the month.