Black Bear cub #21-0545 update

The Center's veterinary and rehabilitation staff have continued to monitor Black Bear cub #21-0545 during the past week. On June 17, Wildlife Rehabilitation Supervisor Kelsey reported a noticeable decline in the cub's pacing behavior, and the decision was made to decrease the amount of medication she's receiving to a single prescription administered during regular meal deliveries. During the past week, all of the cubs in LMI began the process of slowly being weaned off of formula. Over time, the rehabilitation staff will be reducing the amount of formula in the cubs' mush bowls and replacing it with solid foods.

On June 18, the cub was sedated and Center staff applied two lavender-colored tags to her ears. These tags will be replaced when she transitions to the larger Bear Complex in the future, but for now they serve as a way for the veterinary and rehabilitation staff to accurately tell her apart from the other cubs on the Critter Cam and from a distance.