Black Bear cub #21-0545 update

The staff have continued to carefully assess Black Bear cub #21-0545 and her increased amount of pacing. Sadly, the medication that the veterinary team started on June 3 seems to have had no effect. The staff will try one more different type of medication to see if that provides any relief. Since the Bear Pen seemed to make no difference for the young cub, the rehabilitation staff moved the bear back to the Large Mammal enclosure for observation. 

Rehabilitators Kelsey and Shannon carefully assessed the bear in the right half of the Large Mammal enclosure on the evening of June 3. One additional variable that the staff wanted to assess was if the presence of humans (particularly the bear's caregivers) made any difference in her behavior; if the bear was pacing because she wanted to be with humans, this would suggest that the cub was habituated to humans, but at least would explain the behavior. After quietly sitting in the enclosure with the bear for a period of time, offering food intermittently, the rehab staff concluded that the bear was not seeking the presence of humans; the young cub continued pacing. 

After a period of time, they let the cubs intermingle once again throughout the Large Mammal Isolation enclosure. The bear took a brief nap on the elevated climbing platform in the right half of the enclosure, and then woke up and began pacing again.

The new medication will continue to be offered for several days; the staff hope that they may be able to move the cub up to the Bear Complex, if one of the transition areas can be utilized in between different repair jobs. Sadly, the staff have not been able to determine any causes of this distressing behavior.