Black Bear cub #18-3024 update

Black Bear cub #18-3024 [Orange/Yellow Tags] was darted and anesthetized on January 3 for a follow-up examination and weight. The rehabilitation staff requires that all cubs weigh in at 10 kg or more to be able to move to the yard, and they were unsure if the bear had yet gained enough weight.

The team also wanted to radiograph the bear; while it appears as though the cub had gained some weight since admission, the bear has not been growing as quickly as expected. The cub still appears fairly small and even stunted; the bear also has a very round stomach, though fecal examinations have been negative for worms and other parasites.

The veterinary team found that the bear’s bones appear to be developing normally, though some of the internal organs appeared slightly abnormal. It may be that this bear has some congenital issues that are causing it to grow more slowly. But, since the bear is alert and has been growing [weighing in at 13.9 kg], the team decided to move the bear to the Bear Complex for further observation. The cub was moved to the main area of yard #1 with roommate Red/White Tags.

The two bears on the other side of the Large Mammal Isolation enclosure – Pink/Orange Tags and Green/Orange Tags – were also moved to the Bear Complex today. Those bears are currently in the transition area of yard #1; the connecting door will likely be opened on January 4, giving the four bears access to all of yard #1.