Black Bear cub #18-2983 update

Black Bear cub #18-2983 [Red/White Tags] was darted and anesthetized on January 3 for a quick physical exam and weight check. The cub did not stay anesthetized for long, but the team was able to get a quick weight on the bear, confirming that the bear weighed 16 kg, which is large enough to move to the Black Bear Complex. The bear, along with roommate bear #18-3024 [Orange/Yellow Tags], was moved to yard #1.

The two bears on the other side of the Large Mammal Isolation enclosure – Pink/Orange Tags and Green/Orange Tags – were also moved to the Bear Complex today. Those bears are currently in the transition area of yard #1; the connecting door will likely be opened on January 4, giving the four bears access to all of yard #1.