Black Bear cub #18-2983 update

On November 13, Black Bear cub #18-2983 [Red/White Tag] was anesthetized for an additional skin scraping to check for mange mites. The sedation and anesthesia were uneventful, and the staff were pleased to find no sign of mites on examination. The bear weighed 7.30 kg – about 2 kg more than her admission weight.

On November 15, a severe ice storm hit Waynesboro, causing power outages and multiple downed trees and limbs.  A large tree limb fell on the roof of the bear pens, damaging the roof. The following day, the staff moved Red/White Tag to one side of the Large Mammal Isolation enclosure.

Another cub with mange, Black Bear #18-3024 [Orange/Yellow Tag], was also displaced from the Bear Pens, but because that bear was still undergoing treatment, the staff kept the cubs separate for another five days. After Orange/Yellow was cleared on November 21, he joined Red/White in the Large Mammal enclosure. The rehabilitation staff report that the two bears have often been observed snuggling together.