Black Bear cub #18-2926 update

On January 3, Black Bear #18-2926 [Pink/Orange Tags aka “elbow bear”] was darted and anesthetized for a follow-up examination and radiographs. The staff have been carefully observing the bear during the last few weeks; the bear will occasionally hold her old injured limb close to her body, but she does place the leg normally and has been seen climbing logs in the Large Mammal enclosure.

Dr. Peach, student Ria, and technician Jaclyn were able to take radiographs on the bear’s elbow and found that the elbow joint did not heal completely; the team knew in October that this would be a very difficult fracture to overcome, particularly in a young, growing bear. Dr. Ernesto sent an email to Dr. Padron, the board-certified surgeon who performed the surgery last fall. The team is concerned about potential long-term problems since the bear is not yet full-grown.

In the meantime, the bear was moved to transition area #1 in the Black Bear Complex. Dr. Ernesto wants to see how the bear is able to use the leg and climb in a larger space. Double Pink’s roommate – Black Bear #18-2921 [Green/Orange Tags] – was also moved on January 3.

The bear weighed in at 29 kg.