Black Bear cub #18-1089 update

On June 6, Black Bear cub #18-1089 was moved to the vestibule of the Large Mammal Isolation enclosure. Due to the cub’s injuries and bandage, the young bear needs to remain in a Zinger crate until her leg is fully healed, but at least she is able to hear, see, and smell the other 10 cubs at the Center. Each day, the rehabilitation staff checks the bear’s bandage as they clean her crate and offer her a mush bowl twice a day. The bear is eating well and has gained weight.

On June 10, additional radiographs were taken to check on the bear’s leg; everything was within normal limits. The next set of radiographs will be on June 17. On June 12, Wildlife rehabilitator Brie noted that the bear’s bandage was a little damp and was beginning to unravel; the vet staff will check the bandage on June 13 and may re-wrap the outer layer of the bandage if needed.