Black Bear cub #17-2035 update

On August 11, Drs. Alexa and Monica transported Black Bear cub #17-2035 to the Virginia Veterinary Surgical Associates in the Richmond area for surgery with Dr. Alex Padron. Dr. Alexa gave many updates during the surgery – Dr. Padron was able to successfully insert two pins into the bear’s fractured humerus before inserting a plate over the fracture site. He was pleased with the alignment.

After the leg was repaired, Dr. Padron moved on to fixing the bear’s mandible fracture; while a fracture was not visualized on radiographs, the bear’s jaw was easily moved on physical examination, indicating that there was an issue where the two halves of the lower jaw joined. Dr. Padron inserted a needle with a wire through the underside of the bear’s jaw to stabilize the fracture. The wire will need to be removed in about eight weeks.

The bear recovered from surgery well; the bear will be in the Center’s holding room for the immediate future while he starts to heal.