Black Bear cub #17-0073: Foster Success!

The VDGIF biologists reported back this afternoon -- with news of a fostering success!

Two biologists took the bear cub today to an active den on private property. The den set-up was much more ideal than the one used last week; one biologist was able to sneak up behind the den, and leave the cub very close to the den opening. At the same time, another biologist was watching the den with binoculars, and was able to see the sow with her two cubs. Shortly after dropping off the Center's cub, the sow poked her head out of the den, sniffed the new cub, and quickly picked him up and placed him with her two cubs.


Biologists don't want to disturb the sow by too much immediate activity. However, they do plan on returning to the den in a few weeks to assess the situation.

The staff are thrilled with this wonderful news!