Black Bear #19-3292 update

On February 13, Black Bear yearlings #19-3305 (Pink Tag) and #19-3292 (Green Tag), were successfully moved from their individual Bear Pen enclosures to the transition area of the Center’s Bear Complex! Before the move, Dr. Claire sedated the bears so that she could test a skin scrape sample for mites, a fecal sample for internal parasites, and draw blood for later testing. Test results were within normal limits, and the yearlings have increased in weight. Veterinary staff report that each yearling is in good body condition. Before the move, each bear was weighed:

Pink Tag: 18.5 kg


Green Tag: 26.2 kg

Both of the bears made an uneventful recovery from sedation, but will remain within the transition area for an undetermined amount of time. Wildlife rehabilitators Shannon and Kelsey will closely observe both of the yearlings during the coming days to evaluate when it will be appropriate to allow them full-access to Bear Yard 1.