Black Bear #19-3292 update

Black Bear #19-3292 [Green Tag] was sedated for a follow-up examination and skin scraping on January 16. Drs. Claire and Karra, the Center's veterinary interns, found that the bear was well hydrated and had an appropriate body condition -- a big improvement since the bear's admission last month. The bear weighed 20.0 kg, almost doubling in weight in a little more than a month!

A skin scraping did not show any sarcoptic mange mites, and the bear's blood work indicated that his anemia had also resolved. The bear was returned to the Center's Bear Pens.


Black Bear #19-3305, the bear affected by the ursicoptes mange mite, is scheduled for an examination on January 18. If that bear is free from all signs of mites, the two bears will be slowly introduced to one another. Both will move to the Black Bear Complex after they are introduced and have an additional skin-scraping.