Black Bear #18-2926 update

On May 11, Dr. Karra and veterinary technician intern Jess took Black Bear #18-2926 to the Augusta Valley Animal Hospital for a tooth extraction. Dr. Patrick, along with several of his co-workers, volunteered their time and clinic resources to perform the surgery. Dr. Patrick found that the tooth had split in half, allowing food and other material to become impacted in the broken tooth; the extraction went well and the bear recovered smoothly.

The bear was returned to the Center’s Bear Pens and is currently eating a soft diet; if all goes well, the bear may be released as early as next week.

Photos from surgery: 

Dr. Patrick, hard at work: 

The bear received laser treatment after the extraction; the staff made sure to protect the bear's eyes with a pair of doggles! 

Post-op radiographs: 

A big thank you to the Augusta Valley Animal Hospital team: Dr. Patrick Robertson, Dr. Lisa Carter, technician Denise Kelly, and office manager Laura Back!