Black Bear #18-1952 update

On the morning of September 13, Dr. Peach darted and sedated Black Bear #18-1952 so that she could be loaded into DGIF biologist Jaime Sajecki’s transport truck to head to Richmond for a root canal.

The surgery was performed by Dr. Sam Babbitt at Virginia Veterinary Centers; Dr. Babbit extracted one of the bear’s upper incisors, and performed a root canal and filling on the bear’s lower canine. The procedure went smoothly and was finished just before 12 noon. A big thank you to Dr. Babbitt and his staff for receiving this special patient, donating their time for the surgery, and performing the procedure at cost! And thanks to the Wildlife Center supporter who has helped us meet all of the expenses associated with this procedure. 


Dr. Peach, Jaclyn, and Jaime arrived back at the Center in the afternoon and took the Black Bear back to the transition area of yard #3 in the Center’s Black Bear Complex. They were able to back the truck partially into yard #3 so that the bear could jump out of the vehicle into the main part of the yard.

The bear appears to be in great condition; her hair is fully growing in, and she currently weighs 70.8 kg. Dr. Peach and DGIF biologists are tentatively planning for the bear’s release later this month.