Black Bear #18-1952 update

Black Bear #18-1952 has been doing well in the Center’s Black Bear Complex as she continues to recover from her severe mange infestation. Now that the bear is stable, gaining weight, and growing in her fur, Dr. Peach decided it was time to address the issue of the bear’s fractured canine.

On admission, Dr. Peach noted that the bear’s lower left canine was fractured; she knew that if the bear survived, the tooth would need to be addressed prior to release. Dr. Peach found a board-certified veterinary dentist who will perform a root canal on the bear. Jaime Sajecki, the DGIF Black Bear Project leader, volunteered to transport the bear in a secure culvert trap, since the procedure will need to take place in the dentist’s office.

The surgery is scheduled for Thursday, September 13; Dr. Peach and veterinary technician Jaclyn will travel with Jaime and the bear to provide assistance.