Black Bear #17-1298 update

On July 12, Drs. Ernesto and Peach darted and sedated Black Bear #17-1298 for an exam and follow-up skin scrapings. The bear has been evaluated weekly since admission, though it’s been difficult for the vets to fully evaluate how much of the bear’s hair is growing back, since she tends to avoid people and retreat to her den area during evaluations. On physical exam, the veterinarians were pleasantly surprised to find that the bear’s fur and skin have improved significantly; at this point, there is only about 20% hair loss. Skin scrapings were negative for mange mites. The bear weighed in at 43.90 kg.

The bear was returned to her bear pen enclosure; the team will likely move the bear to the Center’s large Bear Complex once the complex has been cleaned and some repairs have been made.