Bald Eaglets #21-1013 and #21-1320

Bald Eaglets #21-1013 and #21-#1320 have been doing well in the Center's A3 flight enclosure during the past few weeks. The vet staff have been carefully monitoring the birds' feather growth to determine when the rehabilitation staff could safely start a daily exercise program. While the birds have been flying in the enclosure on their own, the rehabilitation staff wait to start strength-building exercise until all flight feathers are fully grown. On July 15, both birds were cleared to start their daily exercise, in preparation for release! As of July 22, the eagles are both flying about 10-15 passes in the enclosure during each session. If all continues to go well, the birds will likely be released later this summer. 

Bald Eaglet #21-1013 currently weighs 3.04 kg; Bald Eaglet #21-1320 weighs 2.81 kg. The staff contacted state eagle biologist Jeff Cooper to see if he had any available GPS transmitters this season to fit onto the young birds prior to release; he does not have any available units.