Bald Eaglets #17-0836 and #17-0879

The two Bald Eaglets in the A3 raptor tower have been doing well the past couple of weeks; both birds are eating well and are becoming increasingly active. On May 29, wildlife rehabilitators Brie and Linda decided to open up the tower doors so that the birds could fledge naturally at their own pace. Watch their progress on Critter Cam 3! Bald Eaglet #17-0836 is currently wearing green "bumpers" on his wings; eaglet #17-0879 is wearing bumpers decorated with gnome duct-tape.

The eaglets will continue to receive food twice a day; at this point, they are still eating a diet of chopped rats, but will soon transition to whole food. The rehabilitation team will place food in the loft, as well as in the main part of the enclosure. Generally, young raptors and those raptors used as surrogates share food; the staff just ensures that they are providing plenty for all!