Bald Eagles #22-0980 and #22-1462 Release Update

On August 12, Dr. Karra and a small group of Wildlife Center staff released Bald Eagles #22-0980 and #22-1462 at Lake Anna State Park for a sizable crowd -- about 150 members of the public were in attendance! 

#22-0980 was first to be released; Dr. Karra set the bird's traveling crate on the ground and gently opened the door. Center staff on-site report that the eagle was hesitant to exit the crate at first, but took flight with strong wing beats and circled the release area five times before heading to a nearby tree. 

#22-1462 was much quicker to leave the crate! After exiting, it quickly took flight and banked left out of sight. 

Photos courtesy of Woody Mallory:




Photos courtesy of Lisa Arthur:


Photo courtesy of Terri Wood:

Watch the moments of release here: 



Bald Eagle Release in the News:

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