Bald Eagle #23-2031 update

During the past month, Bald Eagle #23-2031 has continued its rehabilitation in the Center's A3 enclosure. By early August, the bird's injuries had all healed, though its tail feathers were still tattered and in poor condition. On August 15, rehab staff began exercising the bird to help it build up flight strength and stamina.

Initially, the young eagle struggled during daily exercise sessions. The rehab team reported that its "stamina was poor and needs a lot of improvement" and that the eagle could "only do a few passes and barely gets off of the ground." Throughout the month, however, the eagle's flight steadily improved. By the beginning of September, the eagle was able to gain lift and maintain height for more passes. Its flight was slightly less effortful, and the rehab team increased its daily exercise regimen to 5-10 passes.

Bald Eagle #23-2031 is currently the only eagle in the A3 enclosure; the other three eagles it shared the A3 enclosure with [Bald Eaglet #23-0621Bald Eagle #23-0710, & Bald Eagle #23-1713] have all been released. The rehab team will continue to evaluate this eagle's stamina and form during flight conditioning, with the hope of seeing continued improvement in its flight despite the damaged tail feathers.