Bald Eagle #23-1713 release scheduled

Rehabilitation staff report that Bald Eagle #23-1713’s physical strength and stamina have improved during the past few weeks and that the bird is able to complete between 10-15 passes of the A3 flight pen during daily exercise. A blood sample was drawn and analyzed in-house on August 28, which did not reveal any abnormalities or medical concerns. Following more than four months of care at the Wildlife Center, Bald Eagle #23-1713 is ready for release!

The Wildlife Center staff conferred with both the state eagle biologist and the property owners where the eagle’s nest is located and were able to determine an appropriate location in close proximity to the nest where this eagle originally hatched. While the release location is an excellent habitat for an eagle, it is privately owned and is not accessible to the public.

Center staff will release Bald Eagle #23-1713 back into the wild on August 31!