Bald Eagle #23-0749 update

During the past month, Bald Eagle #23-0749 has continued to make slow but steady progress. On September 21, the eagle was moved to the Center's A3 flight pen. Rehab staff report that the bird still has a number of damaged feathers on both her left and right wing, however, her new tail feathers are growing in well and her right-wing droop is no longer present.

Despite the damaged wing feathers, the eagle has made great strides in her ability to stay flighted for longer periods of time. The bird was previously struggling to make 5-6 passes during exercise sessions, but over the past week, has shown increased strength and is now able to comfortably make 10-14 passes before becoming exhausted.

On October 23, veterinary staff entered the eagle's enclosure to check on her feet and feather quality. They noted that the eagle had some small lacerations on the bottom of her right foot; while the lacerations are relatively minor, vet staff will closely monitor the foot to make sure they don't worsen.

For now, Center staff will continue to exercise the eagle daily and monitor the condition of her feathers and feet.