Bald Eagle #23-0749 update

During the past two months, Bald Eagle #23-0749 has continued her rehabilitation in the A1 enclosure. After several weeks of laser and physical therapy, the rehab team reported that the range of motion in the eagle's right wing had improved. The bird's flight was also showing signs of improvement during daily exercise sessions. 

On July 31, the rehab team increased the eagle's flight regimen to 10-15 passes.  Though the eagle's flight had improved,  she still struggled to maintain height after 5-6 passes in her enclosure. The eagle has a number of damaged feathers and is currently molting, the process by which old feathers fall out and new feathers grow in their place; it's possible that this is impacting the eagle's flight. Rehab staff also continued to observe a right-wing droop during exercise sessions.

For now, the rehab team will continue to exercise the bird daily and closely monitor her feathers and right wing.