Bald Eagle #22-3464 update

Bald Eagle #22-3464 has remained in the A2 flight pen during the past four weeks, slowly regaining her physical strength during regular flight conditioning and exercise. On August 29, rehabilitation staff reported that the eagle’s stamina during flight had definitively improved and that the bird was able to complete between 8-11 passes of the enclosure while maintaining better altitude. A wing droop was occasionally noted near the end of the eagle's exercise regimen, but Rehabilitation Team Lead McKenzie suspects this to be a result of physical exhaustion rather than injury.

On August 30, staff determined that Bald Eagle #22-3464 was ready for the next phase of her flight conditioning. During the past week, the eagle’s exercise routine has been increased to 10-15 passes of the A2 flight pen. Once the bird is able to complete this daily regimen with consistency and good form, staff may begin to consider the possibility of her release. 

Tune in to Critter Cam 1 during the coming days for a chance to see this eagle live on camera!