Bald Eagle #22-3464 update

During the past two months, Bald Eagle #22-3464 has remained in Metals while receiving medical and rehabilitative care. On November 22, veterinary intern Dr. Olivia performed an additional surgery to further debride the wound on the eagle’s left wing. After removing dead and necrotic tissue from the injury site, Dr. Olivia was pleased to see healthy, bleeding tissue exposed. The area was flushed with a diluted iodine solution, and antibiotics were applied directly onto the exposed tissue before the veterinary team sutured the wound. Following the procedure, the eagle was placed in the Center’s indoor Hold area for a period of recovery before being transitioned outdoors again.

While in Hold, veterinary staff began a daily physical therapy regimen on the eagle’s wing through gentle range-of-motion exercises. During this time a repeat ophthalmological exam was performed on the bird’s left eye, showing improvements in the corneal ulcer that was noted on admission.

Unfortunately, the wound on the eagle’s left wing has proved difficult for the veterinary staff to fully resolve. Additional surgeries to debride, clean, and close the affected area were performed on December 23 and January 5. For now, the eagle will remain in Metals where Center staff will administer pain medications and anti-inflammatories, perform daily bandage changes, clean and flush its wound as needed, and closely observe the eagle’s overall status.