Bald Eagle #22-0261 Update

During the past month, the veterinary team has continued to treat Bald Eagle #22-0261 with a combination of bandage changes, anti-inflammatory medication, and chelation therapy. On April 4, the veterinary team anesthetized the eagle to take repeat radiographs of its left wing. The radiographs revealed bony callus formation around its fracture, a sign that the fracture is healing. While the eagle was anesthetized, the veterinary team also took a blood sample and ran an in-house lead test. The test came back positive for 0.056 ppm lead, a decreased level, but still enough to require a second course of treatment. 

On April 9, the veterinary team moved the eagle to flight pen A3, one of the Center’s largest flight pens, to give the bird more space and decrease its stress as it continues to recover. After several more weeks of treatment, the rehabilitation team started exercising the eagle daily to assess its flight and to help it rebuild its strength and stamina. Initially, the rehabilitation noted a minor left-wing droop during exercises, but they have not seen the wing droop in more than two weeks and the eagle has been able to perform up to 15 flight passes. 

On May 3, the veterinary team ran a repeat lead test which came back with a positive reading of  0.038 ppm. After giving the eagle a rest period in between treatments, the veterinary team started it on an additional course of chelation therapy to remove the remaining lead. For now, the eagle will stay in flight pen A3 where it will continue its daily exercises while undergoing treatment; its prognosis remains guarded.