Bald Eagle #21-1030 Update

During the past month, Bald Eagle #21-1030’s carpal wounds have shown significant improvement. On October 27, the veterinary team moved the eagle to the Center’s A2 flight pen, a larger flight pen compared to A3 that will ideally prevent the bird from damaging its carpal injuries further during daily exercise routines. 

The veterinary staff have closely monitored the bird in her new enclosure, but have not seen the eagle flying with significant stamina or proper form. When approached, the eagle does not attempt to fly -- instead, the bird regularly attempts to avoid the rehabilitation staff by walking or running on the ground.

On November 11 during a regular bandage change inside the Center's treatment room, the veterinary staff took a series of radiographs of the eagle’s wings.  Unfortunately, no significant changes were noted compared to previous radiographs taken during the month of June. For now, the eagle will remain in  outdoor flight pen A3 where it will receive continued supportive care and physical rehabilitation. The prognosis for this eagle remains guarded.